You nourish my soul,

Like honey.

Like your name,



Like my name,

I am infinite space.

You fathom my expanse,

The wildness of my thoughts,

The depth of my heart.

You give sense to my infinity,

While being the air

Under my wings.

And the ground

beneath my feet.



Like your name,

you are the King,

Of my heart.


My companion, advisor, lover.


My soul,

My mind,

My womb


And try to contain your love.

I am the Mother,

Of the Universe.

The Creator.

Boundless, infinite,

Full of love, your love.

Like my name.



Ma’s love kneaded in flour.

Rolled between her breasts.

Fried in her sweat.

Cooled in her palms.

The kitchen flames.

The fire in her heart.

Contained in a box.

Off goes the lid.

It all swells up.

Gushes out.

I drown.


मेरी कोहनी पे एक नया तिल आ निकला है
क्या तुम्हें मालूम है ?
याद है मुझे
तुम मेरी बाहें चूमा करते थे ।

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The beginning of summers

When I lay


in the bed with you

and took

a whiff

of your sweat

and shut

my eyes.


From there on,

I begun loving summers.





How drawing the curtains shut

at noon

makes the house a haven.

How drawing them open

at six

makes the bed stretch till the trees.

How the cold floor feels

under my feet.

How I love cucumbers

and tomatoes

and mint sprouts from my pores.

How new friendship begins

when the courier guy demands

a glass of water.

How I fall in bed and stretch

under the fan.

How the sweat under my breasts


and my own flavour intoxicates me.

How my skin sticks to yours

and refuses to do part.

I love everything about summers.


I fall in love with

a man

or a woman

who looks at me

with lust.

A lifetime of love2hkBPyq

Or a moment of love.

For lust is pure.


The heart, the mind and the tongue

and the eyes


and want nothing

but me.

I seduce.

Incense in their breath,

prayers in their blood,

they kneel between my thighs.

Ah! Such reverence!

I am powerful.

I am Godful.

I would always be desired.

An apsara at heart

I am a devi at soul.